Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Pack is Back

I've recently said that I want to make the earlier-than-normal switch from being all Brewers to all-Packers, and tonight is a perfect night to do that. Because if you love scrimmages, you'll love FOX 11 Family Night, taking place tonight at Lambeau Field.

If you don't get FOX11 out of Green Bay, don't worry, their coverage will be shown on Fox affiliates throughout the state of Wisconsin. If you don't live in Wisconsin but want to watch the scrimmage, you're out of luck. But remember, it's only a scrimmage, although I'm sure NFL Network will show it sometime or another.

I'm pretty pumped about tonight actually, even though it is just a glorified practice. One, it's our first real look at the team that is going to be hosting the Lombardi trophy a few months down the road. Two, it's something else to watch besides another Brewers meltdown, which is always nice. Whatever your preference, the Packers season unofficially starts tonight, and I couldn't be more happy.

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Watching the Family Night online stream from Fox 11 here in Reno right now. Assuming they will stream the scrimmage also.

is a story put up this morning.

Stop by more often for Packers news.


Jeff in Madison said...

I am excited about the Packers this season, but I have to disagree with a glorified practice having priority over a regular season game. Take it or leave it, but my personal sports rule of thumb is that a post season game played by a team I cheer for gets top priority, followed by a regular season game, which would be over an exhibition/practice. Just my thoughts. Overall, go Brewers, go Packers.

Anonymous said...

i guess they arent back.
Weather 1, packers 0

Anonymous said...

Brewers 12, Houston 5

Looks like you missed a pretty good game.

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