Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I Thought Jack Zduriencik Was Smart?

Haha, Seattle. Good luck with this. Somehow, the Brewers actually did find a trading partner for Bill Hall, and that would be the good ol' Seattle Mariners. Again, haha. Actually, not a terrible move for the Mariners, as they need a third basemen and the Brewers are still going to be paying most of Hall's salary. I don't ever see Bill Hall playing well again, but it's a low-risk move for Seattle. Still, I thought Jack Z realized trash when he saw it, but apparently not.

For the Brewers, it's a decent move too because instead of having to pay his entire salary, the Brewers will end up saving about $1.75 million. Not a lot, but better than nothing. In exchange for Hall, the Brewers will also receive lanky Class A right-hander Buddy Flores.

Gotta like this move for the Brewers. Bill Hall is a guy that should be have been just cut outright, so to get anything for him would have been considered a good move.

Farewell, Bill Hall.


Chad said...

But Winks, Bill Hall is "the best third baseman in the league" and his "batting practice the last few weeks (had) been some of the best of (his) career" before getting DFA'd. I can't believe all we got was a low class A pitcher...

Anonymous said...

Not a bad move at all for Jack Z. He is getting a once good player for very little. Maybe Hall just needed to get out of MKE. Jack Z is just throwing crap against the wall and hoping it sticks with this move. Low risk, high reward if it works.

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