Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Brewers Veterans! Get Your Brewers Veterans!

What a difference a year makes. Whereas last year Doug Melvin was looking for waiver wire gems such as Todd Coffey, this year he's saying that one-fourth of his roster is up for grabs. According to Ken Rosenthal of, no fewer than six Brewers were placed on waivers Wednesday. Those six would be Trevor Hoffman, Felipe Lopez, Braden Looper, Mike Cameron, Craig Counsell, and Jason Kendall.

Now, by no means does this mean any of these guys won't be Brewers next week, it just means Melvin wants to dangle them to see if he can get any bites. Not really likely, since all of these guys are eligible to be free agents next year, and they would basically be a one month rental to anyone that might claim them. That being said, it also wouldn't surprise me if a team took a chance on a guy like Hoffman, Lopez, Counsell, or Cameron, as that one last push to make a playoff run.

Notice I didn't mention Kendall or Looper, because they suck.

Of all the guys on this list, I'm praying that Lopez doesn't get claimed and then moved. Lopez is the guy I want at second base next year, with Weeks moving out to center. Lopez has been nothing short of amazing at second this year, and if the rest of the team didn't suck he would be a key contributor to a playoff run.

Hoffman is going to be a free agent, so he can leave. Cameron will be too expensive anyway, so he can go too (but we'll hang on to the untucking tradition, if you dont' mind). With Counsell, I'm take it or leave it, and same with Looper. If someone wants to take Kendall of our hands, I will gladly pay the shipping fee.


Arnold Darkschner said...

Hey winks... How can i too make this season a significant one ?

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