Sunday, August 23, 2009

Pack Look Sharp Again

Man, I wish these games counted in the standings. This is unreal how good the Packers look so far this preseason. Offensively, Rodgers couldn't be sharper, Grant looks like he should look, and the whole unit is just clicking. Defensively, Capers has turned this squad into a turnover machine and they look very intimidating.

The biggest thing to take away from these first two games, including Saturday's 31-21 victory over the Bills, is the level of confidence this team is playing with. You might not be ready to agree with me that the Packers are going to win the Super Bowl this season, but there's no doubt that this is looking more and more like a playoff team.

Of course, this will all go crashing down like the Hindenburg if Rodgers were to get hurt. Flynn is a decent backup but nothing more than a late quarter scrub, while Brohm looks utterly confused on every drive. I still wish this team would have signed Vick, but I'll take Tavaris Jackson should the Vikings let him go. Other highlights:

* Tyrell Sutton is making a case for a roster spot, looking very good last night with 49 yards on 11 touches. He also had the team's final touchdown, and is quickly becoming a fan favorite.

* Jermichael Finley is going to be a beast this season. Fantasy sleeper?

* Devin Frischknecht strategy: He knew he wasn't going to make the team, so why not go for an injury settlement!

* Poppinga fumble recover and interception, Bishop fumble recover and interception, Hawk fumble recover. Best defense ever, question mark?

* Raji looked solid, already drawing double and triple teams. That alone is going to be pay dividends for the line.

The Packers now have a few more days before their first road trip of the season. They'll square off against the Cardinals in the desert Friday night at 9pm.


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