Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Prince Smash!

If you were like me last night, you probably either went to bed before the end of the game between the Brewers and Dodgers, or just turned it off completely. I normally love these late start times for games, but the new job has been catching up with me this week and I feel asleep with the score at Dodgers 4, Brewers 3. Imagine my surprise when I saw the final score was Dodgers 17, Brewers 4. Then imagine my bigger surprise when I saw that Prince Fielder tried to get into the Dodgers clubhouse after the game.

Although that wasn't as surprising as seeing Jody Gerut with an RBI next to his name.

Sure, the Brewers got their asses kicked. What's new? At least this time it was to a good team. But that blowout lead to an even bigger confrontation late in the game. You see, Manny Ramirez got hit with a pitch in the 7th inning, and the Dodgers thought it was intentional. So, in the 9th inning, and with a 13-run lead in his pocket, Dodgers reliever Guillermo Mota drilled Prince as retaliation. Breaking the unwritten rules of baseball? That's up for you to decide.

Fact of the matter is, Prince was pissed, and I feel rightly so. Even more rightly so that the ball came from a former teammate of his in Mota. Prince's frustrations didn't subside easily either, as he actually tried to get into the Dodgers clubhouse after the game. Video is available here, courtesy of KCAL.

Prince wanted Mota bad, maybe to just hash it out verbally, but more likely probably to club him upside the head. I'm sure though that Prince just wanted to know why on earth his former buddy would take an unexpected heel turn with the game more than out of reach.

In response, the Dodgers said their appropriate bullshit responses, but now all eyes are going to be on the Brewers/Dodgers game tonight. The big question is, "How will the Brewers retaliate?" But if you're asking that question, you're bound to be disappointed. Because If I'm the Dodgers, I bean one of the Brewers batters in the first inning, as Milwaukee will bat first as the away team. This way, both benches are warned, and the Brewers really can't do anything about it at that point. Lame, but I'd bet that's what happens, if anything.

I wouldn't be surprised if Fielder tried to contact Mota during the warmups today, or I wouldn't be surprised if he was already over it. I don't know if I would have personally taken it as far as Fielder did, but I would have been pretty pissed as well, so I can't really blame him.

I think the biggest thing we take away from this is that this isn't something that happens to playoff caliber teams. Playoff caliber teams win games 17-4 and bully the lower teams around a little bit. Playoff caliber teams don't get hit by a pitch and then storm into the opposing team's locker room.

However, I'm sure some of us are like, "Hey, maybe this is the turnaround the Brewers need." Unfortunately, I don't see that happening. This team is frustrated, and as we've seen in the past they are more likely to unravel then they are to start swinging the bat better. Hopefully Macha can calm this team down better than Yost could, and the Brewers can try to get a win and still win the series tonight.

One thing is for sure, I wouldn't mess with Prince Fielder today. Manny Parra, you've been warned.

Player of the Game: Prince had a couple of hits and an RBI, so I'm giving it to him anyway.


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