Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Add This to Your Daily Blog Lineup

One of my favorite things about doing this blog over the last couple of years has been watching other friends of mine get into the blog game as well. The latest entry into the blogosphere is SaturdayFootballOnline.com, a site clearly devoted to college football. It launched yesterday, and already looks a lot sharper than my piece of shit Blogger design.

The content ain't to shabby either. All this week, they'll be previewing the Top 25, followed by their conference previews next week. Then all throughout the season they'll be providing daily updates from around America.

If you like college football, I'd add it to your daily readings, especially to supplement our work here at The Bucky Channel. We all know that I don't really cover too much college football, and that I'm a bandwagon Badgers football fan anyways, so check out SaturdayFootballOnline.com if you have the chance.

(This isn't a paid advertisement either like when I try to sneak those articles in. I genuinely like the guy that runs this, so I thought I'd advertise his blog to the twelve of you.)


Andy said...

I second your post on the value of this blog.

"Raise a toast to St. Joe Strummer"

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