Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Olsen Embarrasses Brewers

Remember last season when Justin Verlander no-hit the Brewers? Remember how awful that felt as a fan? We came dangerously close to that again tonight, as Scott Olsen entered the 9th inning only giving up one hit (double to Ryan Braun in the 4th). Fielder ended up getting the Brewers second hit and the Crew loaded the bases in the 9th, but Kevin Gregg perfected the art of a one-pitch save and the Marlins beat the Brewers 3-0.

It's only the second time the Brewres have been shutout this season, the previous time was also to the Marlins in a game Scott Olsen pitched. The Brewers had a hard time getting runs the other day against the Astros as well, and you'd hope this is a trend that is not likely to continue.

Last year around this time the Crew was 24-10. It's a record that has been referred too quite often. However, even after their hot start, they couldn't come up with a strong finish and missed the playoffs. This year, while they are 16-16, the vibe around this team just feels like the waning months of last season, something I've brought up before. Hopefully this is just a storm we need to ride out, and better days are ahead. Although according to the ESPN.com article in the post below, maybe we're just eternally doomed (although never cursed, that's a lame excuse).

Also, I'm not sure where either Fred Slacks or Kevin Khakis fall on this issue, but I'm kicking myself for putting Max Scherzer in my lineup this week over Scott Olsen (the perils of a weekly league).

Box Score.

TBC's Player of the Game: David Riske for entered the 6th after Suppan loaded the bases, and then getting three out and allowing no runs. It's usually not a good sign when David Riske wins player of the game.


Anonymous said...

Scott Olsen is a stud.

Anonymous said...

Baseball can be a humbling game. Olsen pitched great tonight, sometimes you just have to tip your cap. The Brewers time is coming. Lets all just relax and see what happens, we got a long way to go.

Anonymous said...

yost needs to go

Anonymous said...

Brewer fans need to shut the hell up and relax.

Winks said...

Hey man, I'll be the first to admit there are 130 games left, and there is no need to panic. All I'm saying is that the last few weeks this season have felt like September of last season.

Anonymous said...

how pumped would we be three years ago to be 16-16. im just saying. that said, im looking forward to bizarro brewers this year, where the all star break is the turning point for the better.

Anonymous said...

Last year the Crew started out playing .500 ball until that big homestand versus the then reeling Cards, the awful Pirates & the pathetic Nats. That's how their record inflated to 24-10. Then they hit the road ... Mets, Phils, Dodgers I believe. They proceeded to lose 12 of their next 16.

It seems like their schedule this year has been harder so far. Funny how they've played many of the same teams so far (Cards twice, at NYM, FLA, CHC twice) ... I think most of these same teams have gotten better compared to last year. At this time last year the Cubs, Cards, & Marlins were all pretty bad.

The only team we've really steamrolled so far this year is the Giants, & even they kept it close at times. Otherwise the only other struggling team we've played is the Reds, & they're not really all that bad. All of our other opponents have been pretty darn good so far. I don't even think we'll catch a break with Pitt this year ... they've been slapping some decent teams around here & there.

Milwaukee has only played 20% of its games. I think we still have some time to put things together ... lol.

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