Friday, May 23, 2008

When is Ryan Grant Going to Sign?

I wouldn't call this a hold-out, actually maybe it is, but Ryan Grant has still not signed with the Packers, and this is troubling me. Grant had a great season last year, and while he deserves to be paid accordingly, I hope he's not expected more than he's really worth. Grant has decided not to sign his one-year $370,000 tender as an exclusive rights free agent, but is still able to work out and attend meetings. The one thing he can't do at this point is practice.

Grant is optimistic about a new deal, as he and the Packers are currently working towards an agreement. PFT mentions that, really, his only bargaining chip is not playing until week ten, but at that point we'd likely have found his replacement. There is a lot of talk against giving him a big deal, because he could turn into another Samkon Gado. Clearly, Ryan Grant is a different runner than Samkon Gado, and I think he is vital to any Packers success this year. But, we don't want to overpay him and have him turn into a bust. I say he should sign for something like a one year deal for around $800,000, and then negotiate a long term deal during the season. But the sooner he can suit up, the better.


Anonymous said...

go ahead and pay him 3 mil this year and then work something out. we have a ton of cap room, and once bill schroeder is off the books it should be even more (although the signing of erasmus will cost a couple mil).

we might as well use this cap to keep some of our players happy, it isnt like what we dont spend gets carried over into next year. plus if were going to end up uncapped anyway, might as well start handing out 250 million dollar contracts and ruining the parity of the league.

also, i understand the "he hasn't proven much yet" argument, but ive seen all i need. whereas samkon was a nice story and ok for part of a shitty year, you can tell this guy has what it takes to put up 1400+ yards a season on nearly 5 yards a carry. grant is good.

Unknown said...

collin west is a free agent. He would be the whiter wisconsin version of the bus.

Anonymous said...

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