Friday, May 30, 2008

Athletes Drink Too, You Know

I suppose by posting this picture of Matt Leinart at a party, I've just lost any credibility I may have had as a blogger. You see, these kind of pictures are one of the main arguments the anti-blogger crowd has against us. By posting these pictures, we are invading the athletes privacy, and lowering are credibility at the same time is the main argument there.

You know why these pictures are posted in the first place? Because it's funny to see pictures of drunk people. It's also another reminder that these athletes, while superstars, are no different from any other guy their age (Chris Cooley is very open about the topic in his blog, where he also has posted recent wedding pictures, and pictures of his hot wife. This guy just became an instant fantasy pick for me, every year).

Well, our friends at Stock Lemon have took this phenomenon one step further. If you're sick and tired of seeing famous athletes get drunk, why not check out some obscure athletes "get their drink on".


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