Friday, May 9, 2008

Farewell, Koren Robinson

The Koren Robinson Era has officially come to an end today, as the Packers have announced they have released the wide receiver. Robinson has been with the Packers since September of 2006, appearing in four games with the team after he served a league suspension.

This past season, Robinson played in nine games for the Packers and had 21 catches for 241 yards and one touchdown. He was also valuable on special teams, finishing second on the team with 25 kickoff returns for 596 yards.

The move really shouldn't be that surprising, with the Packers drafting multiple receivers in the draft, including second round pick Jordy Nelson. He was mainly brought in to appease Favre and bring some more veteran presence to the position. However, he was one of my favorites on the team, especially with the way he was able to turn the career around. Hopefully he can find some success elsewhere this season.

Farewell, K-Rob!


Anonymous said...

the story on has one photo, but theres a different one for the thumbnail on the right of the story, and a different one when you actually click to read the full story.

is jim biever really proud of his ko ro pics?

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