Saturday, May 31, 2008

U.S. in Play for 2018 World Cup Bid

Remember Striker, the mascot for the 1994 World Cup in the United States? I still have a poster of him somewhere in my parents basement, I'm pretty sure. Well, if the US Soccer Federation has there say, Striker will be gaining a buddy by 2018. The USSF is making a serious push to bring the World Cup back stateside.

Even though England handled the Americans the other day on the pitch, we might have the upper hand against them, as they appear to be our main competition right now for the bid. You'd have to think we'd have the upper hand, with the largest market-place in the world (for now), and more large stadiums than any other country can offer.

By 2018, I'm not sure the MLS or soccer in general will have gained much popularity in America, but even non-soccer fans are captivated by the World Cup when it comes around every four years. This would be a great event to attend, and I'm already figuring out my plans to do so. I was too young to get to it when it was here in '94, and plans to go to Germany in '06 never happened. The chances of going to the Cup in South Africa in '10 are slim, and this could be my best chance to attend a World Cup match.

Plus, Striker needs a mascot buddy to play with!


Anonymous said...

By terms of a contract you signed in 2000 (I believe it to be 2000), you should be attending the 2014 World Cup as a player.

Winks said...

Yeah... any chance we can let that one go?

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