Tuesday, May 20, 2008

So You're Telling Me There's a (4.3%) Chance!

It's by far one of the best sports events of the year, and it's now just a few short hours away. You guessed it, it's almost time for the NBA Draft Lottery! Fourteen teams all have a shot at the number one pick tonight, and of course some team's chances are better than others. For the Bucks, there chances are at 4.3%. New Bucks GM John Hammond will be there as the Bucks representative, but I'm just not sure they can pull off the number one pick without Larry Harris's lucky charms.

But perhaps, just perhaps, the Bucks will be lucky enough to wind up with the number one overall picks, and add another player to the Bucks #1 club of Lew Alcindor (1969), Kent Benson (1977), Glenn Robinson (1994), and Andrew Bogut (2005). There's a pretty good write-up over on BrewHoop explaining more about the Draft Lottery, which I'd recommend.

Coverage of the Lottery begins at 6:30pm, on ESPN.


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