Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Get Out the Vote, Wisconsin!

Last year, we were able to vote Prince Fielder in for the NL All-Stars. This year, we're going to need to step it up if we'd like another starter in the Midsummer Classic, as they call it (and you can bet we're planning on our tradition of Live Blogging All-Star Games!). The first set of results were released today, and the Crew needs some help.

For a list of the top NL vote getters, you can head here, but otherwise here's what you need to know:

* Chase Utley leads all NL players with 537,788.

* Lance Berkman leads 1st basemen, Prince is 4th with 151,894 votes.

* Chipper Jones leads the NL at 3rd, Bill Hall has 106,870 for the 5th place spot.

* Ryan Braun is 9th among all outfielders, with 189,505 votes.

* Three Cubs would be voted in if this ended today - Geovany Soto, Kosuke Fukudome, and Alfonso Soriano.

So come on Wisconsin, let's get out the vote and get some Brewers into the All-Star game! (because they're not doing a very good job of making a case for themselves)

Vote Here.


Anonymous said...

he he, and who is the All-Star material this year on the Brewers besides Ben Sheets? Braun is an awful fielder, it's his hitting that carries him on. I am not even sure why Prince in on the ballot...

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