Saturday, May 17, 2008

Brewers Drop Game One

After rain postponed the series opener between Milwaukee and Boston Friday night, the teams finally took the field Saturday as they prepared to play a mininum of 27 innings of baseball in 26 hours. Both teams entered the game on mini-losing streaks, but it was the Red Sox who were able to snap theirs, as they beat the Crew 5-3, dropping the Brewers to two games under the .500 mark.

For the Brewers, it was another rough start in a nationally televised game. Jeff Suppan fell behind early, giving up four runs in the first two innings, including a 3 run shot to David Ortiz. He settled down after that, but at that point the Sox would have all the runs they needed.

Credit the Brewers for hanging in there, but they weren't able to finally put runs on the board until the seventh inning. The Brewers missed a golden opportunity in the 6th, when Mike Cameron flew out to center with the bases loaded to end the inning. Fielder put in some good work at DH, delivering two doubles that were both nearly home runs. Ryan Braun belted his sixth home runs in sixth games in the 9th inning. But again, it wasn't enough.

It was cool, even from my bedroom, to watch a game at Fenway Park featuring the home team Brewers. Today's game had kind of a bigger feel to it, but that could be because of how often the Red Sox are in the postseason, and how Fenway Park has come to be associated with postseason baseball. I was kind of hoping the game last night would have been postponed to some random off-day in the summer, so I would have had another chance to make the trip.

But instead, as we all know, last night's game will be made up tonight, in just a few short hours. The game is scheduled to start at 7:30pm, but will probably start later than that, as they get Fenway ready for a new game. The game isn't on FSN Wisconsin, so you'll have to break out the boombox for this one. I'm still not sure why or how FSN wasn't able to quickly adapt and bring us the game tonight. It's a shame because they are preparing for a television broadcast tomorrow that is also nationally televised, this time on TBS. So unless I quickly purchase MLB.TV tonight, it'll be Uecker and Powell for me.

Other game note about tonight, it looks like Braun will be the DH, with Kapler getting the start out in left. And if you're wondering why the Brewers didn't call up a guy like Branyan, Gamel, or Iribarren to DH for the weekend, tells us why.

Box Score.

TBC's Player of the Game: The honor goes to Ryan Braun once again.


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