Friday, May 9, 2008

More Lineup Ideas

Yeah, the Brewers won tonight, but that doesn't mean we have to end the debate what which lineup is best for the Crew. Let's explore some of the options you've come up with in the last couple of days.

Current Lineup

1. 2B Weeks
2. CF Cameron
3. LF Braun
4. 1B Fielder
5. RF Hart
6. 3B Hall
7. SS Hardy
8. Pitcher
9. C Kendall

Jonk's Lineup (based on analysis)

1. 2B Weeks
2. 1B Fielder
3. 3B Hall
4. RF Hart
5. LF Braun
6. Pitcher
7. CF Cameron
8. SS Hardy
9. C Kendall

Brett J's Lineup

1. C Kendall .361 OBP
2. RF Hart .360 OBP
3. LF Braun .267 AVG
4. CF Cameron .529 SLG (or 5th w/ .845 OPS)
5. 1B Fielder .769 OPS (or 4th w/ .410 SLG)
6. 3B Hall .707 OPS
7. 2B Weeks .685 OPS
8. SS Hardy .604 OPS (really, J.J.?)
9. Petition Selig for DH exemption for being an AL team

Winks' Why Not Lineup

1. RF Hart
2. 2B Weeks
3. LF Braun
4. 1B Fielder
5. CF Cameron
6. 3B Hall
7. SS Hardy
8. C Kendall
9. Pitcher

Couple of interesting ideas there, but we all know the Brewers have to lose at least 12 straight before Ned even thinks about changing his mind. That is, unless Braun and Fielder come up and ask him to switch positions. Any more thoughts?


Anonymous said...

nobody has hart leading off?

Winks said...

We'll fix that, I forgot to add mine!

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