Saturday, May 24, 2008

Everybody Hates Ned

First off, yes, that is Ned Yost on the left. Looking good, Ned.

While I'm back home in Fondy taking in a high school girls soccer game (hey, my pops is the coach), I thought I'd share this article that showed up on CNNSI earlier in the week. The Brewers fans here know that there is a lot of Ned Yost backlash right now, and it's only heightened when the team is losing. John Donovan takes a look into Ned Yost: The man Brewers fans love to hate, and live to bash. It's a pretty good read, and features Jeff Sackman of Brew Crew Ball.

Donovan does a good job of letting the nation know just how hated Ned can be around these here parts, and why we blame him for every one of the team's failures.


Jonk said...

There's an interesting discussion at Baseball Think Factory, spurred by the article.

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