Thursday, May 8, 2008

Bill Schroeder Going National!

It's FOX Saturday baseball! It's always kind of a treat to watch the Brewers on something other than FSN Wisconsin, and FOX Saturday baseball falls into that category. The Brewers are taking on St. Louis in the weekend series, with Saturday's game time set for 2:45pm. With Yankees/Tigers and Cubs/D'Backs also that day, the Brewers/Cardinals game is only going to reach 8 percent of the country. But we'll get it in Wisconsin, albeit with an interesting twist. The color guy for the game will be our beloved Good Feet store spokesman Bill Schroeder, but he'll be doing the game sans Brian Anderson. He'll actually be doing it with Dan McLaughlin, who is a play-by-play guy for the Cardinals. Can't wait to hear the call!


Anonymous said...

thats kind of a cool thing they do there. That should be some great commentary.

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