Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Get Your Mota Run On

Well, that was disappointing. The Brewers were until good position to cruise to win their fifth game in six days until yet another blown save cost them the win. Only this time, it wasn't Eric Gagne on the mound.

With the Brewers up 4-3 in the 9th, and Gagne in need of a day's rest, the Brewers enacted their closer by committee experiment and brought Guillermo Mota for the save. Like I said yesterday, there were a lot of people that picked up Solomon Torres or Mota in fantasy leagues after it was learned Gagne would be taking some time off. And again, it looks like whoever did that is kicking themselves this week. Mota was the black sheep in tonight's game, getting through an inning of work, but not before allowing three runs to the Dodgers. As nervous as we may have been about Gagne closing yesterday, I'm sure I wasn't alone in wishing he was available today.

The Crew shook it up a little on offense tonight, as Rickie Weeks had the night off. Cameron took the lead off role, Hardy went up to 2nd, and Counsell batted 7th in front of Parra. It yielded decent enough results, as the Crew was able to put up four runs.

I'll end the suspense now and let you know that Manny Parra earned Wednesday night's Bucky Channel Player of the Game award. Parra went 6 2/3 innings tonight, which was a career high for him. He gave up three runs, just one earned, and struck out four. He also had a big 2 RBI single in the 2nd inning, yet he was cheated out of the victory tonight. You have to give credit to Bush, Villanueva, and Parra for stepping it up the last couple of days.

Speaking of pitching, the Brewers can apparently afford to trade for a top pitcher.

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TBC's Player of the Game: Manny Parra


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