Friday, May 23, 2008

Gagne On the Shelf

When Yost pulled Gagne out of the game the against the Pirates on Tuesday, I actually thought it was just a move to get him out of the game, and to buy some time because the Brewers didn't have a guy warming up in the bullpen. But then he was flown back to Milwaukee, and now it's been revealed he has rotator cuff tendinitis. Yikes.

According to Anthony Witrado at the Journal Sentinel (who has not yet taken advantage of bloggers, we might add), Gagne will be rejoin the team in Washington, but can't pitch until Sunday at the earliest. However, that might be a stretch, unless he's 100%.

The Brewers are doing everything they can not to put him on the DL, so for the time being we're a pitcher short. It did help that Sheets went the distance Wednesday, and I don't see this being a problem unless our bullpen really gets shelled in one of the next two days. If they did send Gagne to the DL, I'm really not sure at this point who the next pitcher to bring up would be, unless they give a guy like Mitch Stetter another go. I know there are a lot of people calling for Branyan's return to the bigs, but they won't bring up a hitter. My guess is no DL for Gagne, and we'll see him Monday.

Update: Looks like I'm wrong on that wrong. The Brewers have announced they've called up reliever Tim Dillard from Nashville. They haven't announced who for, but it's likely Gagne.

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