Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Brewers Steal One From Braves

After a road trip that even the players will admit "seemed like forever", the Brewers finally made the return back to Miller Park Tuesday night. With a 9 game homestand on the horizon, the Brewers were expecting big results. Things didn't get off to a smooth start however, as starter Dave Bush gave up a solo shot in both of the first two innings to put the Brewers down 2-0.

Bush pitched well the rest of the game, and left it up to the offense as to whether or not the Crew would win this one. RBI's from J.J. Hardy in both the 7th and 8th innings tied the game up at 2-2, and the Brewers were headed to the 9th inning tied with the Braves.

After griping about his situation earlier in the day, Bill Hall was given the opportunity to put his money where his mouth was in the 9th inning. Russell Branyan once again got the start at 3rd, but was pulled in the 9th for Hall on a double switch. Hall would deliver with a broken bat blooper, but that got him on base. A sac bunt by Weeks got Hall to 2nd, with Mike Cameron at the plate. On a 3-0 count to Cameron, Hall decided to try and steal 3rd, and did so uncontested. A Mike Cameron pop fly would be all the Brewers needed, as Hall tagged up and was safe after the play at the plate.

This was a huge win for the Crew, not just as a way to kick off the homestand, but as a momentum builder. Winning games like this will always inject that extra something into a team, especially when the hero of the game is trying to play his way back into a full-time starting role. The team responded with one of the more joyous celebrations I've witnessed from them this season. and may have been just what they needed.

Have to give credit to Dave Bush in this one, for settling down after been taken yard twice. He gave up just six hits and struck out three. Also credit to Julian Tavarez for a quick, scoreless inning in his Brewers debut, and to Solomon Torres who picked up the win. We should also mention Ryan Braun, who went 3 for 4, and seems to have recovered from his head cold.

Brewers and Braves go at it again Wednesday night at 7:05pm.

Box Score.

TBC's Player of the Game: Almost gave it to Hardy, who is just as deserving, but we have to give it to Bill Hall tonight.


Anonymous said...

Bush is gonna give up homeruns, the key is to keep the walks down. Solo homeruns never really bother me.

Also, crazy that we have played more away games than anyone in baseball. Only 20 home games so far.

Anonymous said...

wow, lemmy sure hit the nail on the coffin with that playing on the road thing.

mostly, i came here to make two comments about the player of the game standings. first, who would guess that bill hall is in second? also, i would have given it to billy today too, just because of the situation, but good games from braun and prince and... dare i say, bush.

dave bush dave bush dave bush.

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