Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of the 8th Pick

After last night's semi-disappointing lottery draft, the Bucks are looking at the 8th pick. Last time the Bucks had the 8th pick Michael Jordan selected T.J. Ford for us. Just kidding, but not really. Eric Gordon seems like the early favorite thus far to don Bucks' Green and Red. Down the road at some point, I'll give my assessment on who I feel the Bucks should take but as of right now I thought I'd give a rundown of 8th picks from the last 20 years, just to show that were still getting a quality player. Looking at past drafts is always fun because some guys were just terrible, I'm looking at you Arajao!

2007 - Brendan Wright, F (North Carolina) Golden State

2006 - Rudy Gay, G (UConn) Memphis via Houston

2005 - Channing Frye, FC (Arizona) New York

2004 - Rafael Arajao, C (BYU) Toronto

2003 - T.J. Ford, G (Texas) Milwaukee

2002 - Chris Wilcox, FC (Maryland) L.A. Clippers

2001 - DeSegana Diop, C (High School) Cleveland

2000 - Jamal Crawford, G (Michigan) Chicago via Cleveland

1999 - Andre Miller, G (Utah) Cleveland

1998 - Larry Hughes, G (St. Louis) Philadelphia

1997 - Adonal Foyle, C (Colgate) Golden State

1996 - Kerry Kittles, F (Villanova) New Jersey

1995 - Shawn Respert, G (Michigan State) Milwaukee via Portland

1994 - Brian Grant, FC (Xavier) Sacramento

1993 - Vin Baker, F (Hartford) Milwaukee

1992 - Todd Day, G (Arkansas) Milwaukee

1991 - Mark Macon, G (Temple) Denver

1990 - Bo Kimble, G (Loyola Marymount) L.A. Clippers

1989 - Randy White, F (Louisiana Tech) Dallas

1988 - Rex Chapman, GF (Kentucky) Charlotte

As you can see getting a world beater at 8 is unlikely, but many of these guys became solid players. Rex Chapman, Rudy Gay and Vin Baker were all great selections. The Bucks have in the past 20 years have drafted T.J. Ford, Shawn Respert, Vin Baker, and Todd Day out of the 8 spot. It was a shame Respert had a career ending injury, I felt like he could have been a great player in the NBA. By the way, the worst player on this list is easily Rafael Arajao. Just awful. Lets hope the Bucks get more of a Rudy Gay type quality player and less of a Mark Macon type.


Anonymous said...

nice post, a lot of decent players on the list that at least contributed to their respective teams. as long as its not danillo, im happy.

Winks said...

Bear is back!

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