Sunday, May 25, 2008

Is that Russell Branyan?

Russell Branyan has been all over since his last stint with the Milwaukee Brewers in 2004-2005. Since that time, the 3rd baseman has suited up with the Cardinals, Padres, Phillies, and as you can see, the Rays. Now, after a two month stint in Nashville, the Brewers have called up Russell Branyan, sending down Tony Gwynn Jr.

Many people have been wondering when this callup would happen, as Branyan has hit .359, 12 HR, and 36 RBI while with the Sounds. In addition, Bill Hall has been struggling big time at the plate against righties. We don't have a problem with the move at all, especially as this team tries to find that offensive spark and really turn this thing around. That, and Tony Gwynn Jr. just wasn't seeing the field, with pinch hit opportunities being better spent on Joe Dillon or Gabe Kapler.

How effective will Branyan be? That remains to be seen, although he did just get a hit in his first at-bat, as he was thrust right into the lineup on Sunday. I would expect two starts a week from Branyan, unless he really explodes and fights Hall out of a job. No matter what happens, it's good to see Branyan back in a Brewers uniform.


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