Thursday, May 22, 2008

My Alma-Mater is Selling Out

Many of you that read this blog know that I, as well as my counterpart Bear, hail from Fond du Lac High School in Wisconsin. Six years after graduation, we still have an insane amount of school pride (townies at heart). Well, our school is making news by selling the rights of their fieldhouse for $525,000.

The gymnasium will likely soon be known as the Acuity Insurance Fieldhouse, as the company actually approached the school district about the rights. Half a million will go towards the school district's general fun, the other $25,000 will go towards a sign outside the fieldhouse with the company's logo. I'm not aware of another high school that has done this before, but maybe it's more common in larger markets, or in the high school arenas that look more like college arenas.

I really don't see how this is a bad thing though. School referendums fail all the time, and districts are left to cut programs and lay-off teachers to survive. If it takes selling out a little bit to keep my dad working, then I'm all for it.

(photo courtesy of The Fond du Lac Reporter)


Anonymous said...

haha, i don't think i've ever heard of this for highschools. But it will be interesting checking out a game some day at AIF. I say we get the rich members of Taychedah buy our sports teams since FDL highschool is basically there anyway and change our sports nickname to The Fond du Lac Cardinals of Taychedah.

I love Fond du lac.

Anonymous said...

actually i just did a search of naming rights sold of schools. In a 2005 article there were schools in NJ, Tex, Mich, and Philadelphia have done it. And the FDL article comes up next in a google search. So apparently its not very common.

Edale said...

FYI: Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson have recently broken up. It happened at a new sweet bar in Wrigleyville. Check it out here

Anonymous said...

In bigger news, Bill Shroeder retires as a Packer.

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