Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bogut Wins Bucks Survivor!

Congratulations, Andrew Bogut! You are the first winner of the annual Bucks Survivor (assuming we're still around next year!) In one of the most anti-climatic victories of anything, ever, Bogut takes the title over Ramon Sessions. Bogut wins the contest with 82% percent of the vote, and is your choice for who the Bucks should build the franchise around. Let's take a look at the order in which players were voted out, and what GM John Hammond should do with them.

Round 1 - Awvee Storey - Storey is a practice body, I wouldn't mind if he stayed just for the sake of being there.

Round 2 - Dan Gadzuric - By God, if you can get rid of this awful contract, please do so. John Hammond has to be happy with Larry Harris for the mess he left him, doesn't he?

Round 3 - Bobby Simmons - Seriously, one bad contract after another. I realize a lot of these guys may be hard to trade, but give it your best shot, Hamm-dog.

Round 4 - Charlie Bell - I don't have as much of a problem with Bell as I do the other Bucks, and I wouldn't mind if he stuck around for another year or two.

Round 5 - Michael Redd - A surprising exit so early in the contest, but was it really. It seems like everyone I've talked to is tired of the Michael Redd era. Good news for those fans, as Hammond is doing his best to shop both him and Villanueva.

Round 6 - Mo Williams - Sessions stole the job away from Williams in April, and there is no reason for him to be on this team anymore.

Round 7 - Jake Voskuhl, Michael Ruffin - Of course, Voskuhl is a great cheerleader, and Ruffin is good for garbage team. Keep them if need be, but they are more than expendable.

Round 8 - Royal Ivey - Wouldn't mind him coming off the bench, at all.

Round 9 - Charlie Villaneuva - Milwaukee is only big enough for one Villanueva, but I'm still just not sure which one it is.

Round 10 - Desmond Mason - He's a playmaker, and Lord knows we need as many of them as we can get.

Round 11 - Yi Jianlian - If nothing else, we need him to keeping making us money to stay in Milwaukee. Although we found out it's useless to have him on the roster when the Olympic Games are approaching, as the Chinese Government was all over that one. Plus, he's kind of soft.

Round 12 - Ramon Sessions - I absolutely love this guy.

Round 13 - Andrew Bogut - Buying a Bogut jersey would be in my future, if I looked decent in basketball jerseys. I just can't wear them, my arms are too tiny.

So there you have it, Bogut is the Bucks Survivor. Thanks for playing, everyone!


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