Tuesday, May 13, 2008

No Complaints Here

God bless this homestand. It's been a turbulent couple of days, but life is good when you've won four out of your last five. Life is good when you get back over .500. Life is good when you jettison a guy from the closer's role and he comes back three days later and makes the save against his former mates. Yes, right now, things are looking up for the Crew, and life is good.

The big story in this one has to be of course, Eric Gagne. After Carlos Villanueva pitched a fine six innings, followed up by two good innings of work from Solomon Torres, Miller Park wondered who would be the man to come in for the 9th. When FSN went to commercial, I saw Gagne come out but I thought I heard boos. When FSN came back on, Brian and Bill said Gagne was met with applause. Anyone at the game want to clarify this for me? (Another reason why I should be living in Milwaukee. If anyone has a job they'd like to offer me that allows me to watch Brewers games either for my job or after work, please let me know. Thanks.)

No matter what the response was, Gagne fed off of it. It wasn't the prettiest save, and I still don't know if he's "fixed", but it was a save, and that's all we should be asking for at this point. You had to love the expression on Gagne's face as he walked off the field with Jason Kendall after he got that third out. So it looks like Gagne is the closer, and all those Solomon Torres and Guillermo Mota fantasy pickups were a waste (ahem.. for now).

Brewers aren't looking so bad on offense these last couple of days, either. Tonight's RBI's were provided by Cameron, Braun, Fielder, and Hall, just the guys you'd expect to be bringing in the runs. Had to say, I thought Braun was going to home for the third straight game when he hit that one to the bottom of the wall that turned out to be a triple.

Again, at least right now, life is good.

Box Score.

TBC's Player of the Game: FSN gave it to Braun, but we're going to give this one to Eric Gagne tonight.


Anonymous said...

from watching it on tv, i actually thought mota was coming in because of the cheers, so youre deaf.

im rooting for gagne, of course, mainly because i hate the bandwagon casual fan who hears someone complaining about gagne, knows nothing about him, but suddenly feels that he sucks and is overpaid (whether he is or not is beside the point.)

its the same with turnbow and yost and, to get political, bush. people who know nothing about politics are quick to tell you how much bush sucks. why? uh... gas prices. if you hate bush or gagne or turnbow or yost, fine, but at least have a reason based on your own opinion.

the hatred for some of these guys takes on a life of its own, and there are a number of idiots on here defending their right to boo. sure, you have the right to boo, but that doesnt mean you always should. if you boo too much, it loses its effectiveness. and in most cases, especially when it comes to pitchers, booing only hurts their already fragile confidence levels. if you cheer them and support them, which i think was happening tonight, they feed off of it, gain confidence, and start playing to their abilities. just because you have the right to bitch doesnt mean you should bitch about everything all the time.

at any rate, its much classier and much more productive to hold off on the boo birds, and i hope thats what the fans were doing tonight. then, when the time comes to boo for a legitimate reason (other than because the drunk idiot next to you is doing it), the players might think to themselves, "wow, if our own fans are booing us, we must need to step it up."

thats all. go gagne and go brewers and go people that have watched the brewers for longer than a god damn year.

Anonymous said...

I forgot where I read it but apparently the Brewers have had one of the tougher stretches of schedule to open the season. That's based on quality of opponent AND their number of games on the road.

The Crew needs to continue kicking the Dodgers while their down, play their hearts out at Fenway, & then take care of business at PNC & in D.C. It's time for the Crew to finally exorcise their demons in Steel City ... it's been so long since they've owned the Bucs on the road. And for some reason we looked really lousy at Washington last year. We need to change that.

Tony Brown said...

I'm already feeling vindicated for my pick of Gagne in the Brewers Closer poll. Solomon Torres? Really people?

Anonymous said...

I was at the game last night, when Gagne first came out the door there were some boos, but when the majority of the stadium saw he was coming out he actually got a pretty good ovation. The whole LF bleachers were standing and cheering.

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