Sunday, May 18, 2008

Red Sox Take the Nightcap

Ladies and gentlemen, your last place Milwaukee Brewers! Now here at The Bucky Channel, we try not to panic as best as we can, and we're not about to start now. The Brewers losing a double header to the Boston Red Sox in Fenway Park is not the end of the world. Yes, we are technically in last place, but it's also May 18th. Panic time can't officially happen until sometime in late June, in my opinion.

Tonight's nightcap saw the Crew go down 5-0, but then spark a come back led by a Corey Hart home run and efforts by Rickie Weeks and Craig Counsell. But then Solomon Torres blew a save, and the Brewers ended up losing 7-6. If you cam here for a full game recap, that's not something I can give you tonight. Graduation party season + not televised = haven't seen the highlights yet.

But what I can tell you is that again, this is no time to panic. I'll tell you right now, our pitching rotation won't be Sheets/Suppan/Bush/Villanueva/Parra come September. I'll also tell you that Hall, Hardy, and Weeks won't struggle this bad for the rest of the season. I'm going to tell you that the Brewers will be fine at the back end of the bullpen, whether it's Gagne or otherwise.

I'm also going to tell you that one loss is not the end of the world. There is a certain blog out there that I am not to fond of, but I have to admit I still check occasionally. Everytime the Brewers lose, they freak out and call for everyone's head, from Yost to whichever guy on the 25 man roster struggled that night. Just because Russell Branyan hit 3 HR's in a Triple A game doesn't mean he should be platooning with Bill Hall. Let's not freak out because we lost two games because to the defending World Series Champions.

Anyway, the Brewers will try to take one back from the Sox Sunday at 12:35. Of course, I'd love for them to come out of Fenway with a win. But if they lose, remember there are still nearly 120 games left. Yeah, we're in "last place", but again, it's May 18th.

Box Score.

TBC's Player of the Game: Couldn't decide between Hart and Weeks, but I'm going to give this one to Corey Hart.

(AP Photo/Mary Schwalm)


Anonymous said...

i dont know what blog you're talking about, but come on.

seriously, just stop going to that blog. your IQ drops three points for every post you read, whatever blog you are talking about, just don't even bother. i don't know where you even found it in the first place, but there are about 2000 wisconsin themed sports blogs you can be reading that are clearly better than that one. thanks to blogspot, any idiot can write a blog, but that doesn't mean you have to read it.

stop getting pissed at what a bunch of bandwagon idiots who can't spell think and go find some better online reading material. if you have it bookmarked, just effing delete it.

Anonymous said...

The end of this road trip is huge. If the Crew can't figure things out versus the Pirates & Nats, there might be a pretty significant shakeup. Roster, personnel, who knows? We're a quarter of the way through the season & there is some MAJOR LEAGUE UNDERACHIEVING going on.

The calm before the storm, people. Take your emergency radios to the root cellar. For the game broadcast, of course.

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