Monday, May 26, 2008

Brewers to Sign Tavarez

All signs point to Julian Tavarez becoming the latest member of the Milwaukee Brewers. Tavarez, who was cut by the Red Sox on May 11, has been actively pursued by both the Colorado Rockies and your Milwaukee Brewers. Sunday, he worked out for the Brewers in Washington, and will be flying back with the team tonight to Milwaukee for a physical. If he passes, it's almost a guarantee he's in uniform on Tuesday.

Tavarez will provide some experience and depth to a bullpen that has been depleted with injuries lately, including to David Riske and Eric Gagne. You would think either DeFelice, Dillard, or Jackson will be sent back to Triple-A to make room. Melvin says Tavarez could either come in for short appearances, or as the long relief guy.

At this point, this signing can't hurt, and seems to be just a band-aid to stop the bleeding rather than an actual cure. This team is struggling, and all the roster moves and lineup changes the Brewers are making won't mean anything until our guys start performing.


Anonymous said...

I believe Tavarez has an era around 6.50 this year, which is actually fairly standard relative to other Brewer pitchers.

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