Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Bucks Survivor - Episode 9

Last Week: Ramon Sessions, Andy Bogut, Desmond Mason, Royal Ivey, Yi Jianlian, and Charlie Villanueva have all outwitted, outplayed, and outlasted the other eight Bucks to make it into the final six. Even though you the fans have made your voice known as to who the Bucks are you'd really like to see stick around, we're going to ride this out until we crown the ultimate Bucks Survivor. We could just do it now, but we're taking the opportunity to show off this logo as much as possible. Can you blame us?

Results: Farewell, Royal Ivey. He takes 52 percent of the vote, and is thus crowned the Sixth Man, which is nothing to shake a stick at. Charlie Villanueva could be the next one to go, he had 28 percent of the vote. Yi followed with 16 percent, Mason with 4. Bogut and Sessions both got through the round without one vote against them. I thought the final two would come down to Bogut and Yi, could Sessions be the dark horse?

The Lineup: With Ivey coming off the bench, we've actually assembled a fairly decent starting five.

PG Ramon Sessions
SG Desmond Mason
SF Charlie Villanueva
PF Yi Jianlian
C Andrew Bogut

I know, that's not going to win a title, but how can that team do any worse than 8th seed in the East? Add a draft pick and another veteran, and we could even be headed towards a winning season.

This Week: The five Bucks will go down to four, with the results to be revealed on Sunday. As always, you can vote for which Buck you'd like to see kicked off Bucks Survivor on the right hand side of the blog, and you can few all past Bucks Survivor postings here.


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