Monday, May 12, 2008

Favre Watch: The Retired Years

For not wanting to do anything for a year, as he put it in his press conference, Brett Favre sure has been making a lot of news lately. Whether it's Letterman, Madden, or talk of a comeback, people just won't let Brett Favre retire into the sunset (actually, it's more like Brett Favre won't go away). The latest news regarding the legendary quarterback is that he is apparently in talks to join FOX's pregame show.

The source on this information is Barry Switzer, for whatever that's worth. He said on his radio show the other day that he was unsure as to whether or not he'd be coming back to FOX, because the network was looking to bring Favre to the show.

If FOX did land Favre, it would likely be for a weekly segment similiar to what FOX had with Jimmy Johson and Switzer, in "Grumpy Old Men". One would assume it'd be a segment with Terry Bradshaw. Favre has always been a pleasure to watch when he's being interviewed by the networks for these taped pieces, but we're unsure of how successful he'd be after his recent appearance on Letterman, in which he appeared nervous.

Still, it would be good to see Favre on Sundays again this fall (just not in a uniform of any kind).


Anonymous said...

Favre loves the attention. All those years he held out on his retirement decisions.

Anonymous said...

yea, good point miumiu. great contribution to the comments. i also look at your blog sympathy. dead on.

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