Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Our 500th Post!

It's been a fun ride since we started this thing back in December of 2007. After telling my brother I was going to start blogging on MySpace, he told me I was better off getting a Blogspot address. The initial title of the blog was "Winks Thinks", and I wrote about politics, primetime television, and sports. After a month of that, I decided narrow my subjects and the focus turned to Wisconsin sports, and primetime television. Hence The "Bucky" "Channel". Since then, it's been "The World of Sports From Wisconsin's Perspective", and here we are today. But now that we've reached this impressive milestone, let's take a look down memory lane...

* The origins of The Bucky Channel (beyond what I just wrote).

* Highlight of 2007: Our trip to St. Louis for the Packers / Rams game.

* The difference between being a fan and a member of the media.

* The aforementioned television and political phases.

* It's a game I don't play enough... NFLN vs. ESPN.

* The mistake that was "The Super Bowl Super Bowl".

* Had a hard time dealing with the Packers' NFC Championship game loss.

* Top Ten Teams I Hate in Sports.

* January 27th, 2008. The Bucky Channel is born.

* I really thought Favre was coming back.

* We become a part of the PackerChatters family.

* Bear joins The Bucky Channel, promptly pisses off Lakers fans.

* Live Blogs! The Pro Bowl and the NBA All-Star Game.

* Made it to a Bucks game, after all.

* With the Wisconsin Presidential Primary, we got back into politics mode.

* We worked hard for Wyoming.

* Senior-Gee Soulja Boy.

* Bill Simmons for Bucks GM? He liked what we had to say.

* Favre retired.

* Our Kansas prediction panned out, but our MLB predictions don't look too hot.

* Fantasy Baseball Draft Preview, followed by the debut of the Fred Slacks column.

* Who doesn't love Bucks Survivor?

* Took a lot of flack for supporting Turnbow.

* Of course, I had to chime in on the Buzz vs. Deadspin mess.

* Dad vs. James Jones.

Well, that's all for the shameless self-promotion. Thanks for helping us get to 500 posts, we're having a blast keeping this thing running. In honor of our 500th, do your part by telling 500 people about The Bucky Channel! (that's a little excessive, I guess telling one person will do)


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