Thursday, January 31, 2008

Welcome, Bear!

Cuddle up kids, The Bucky Channel has an announcement to .... announce. In an effort to deliver more content that goes with our motto of being neither 1) informative or 2) worth your time, we have added a staff writer here at The Bucky Channel. You may know him from posting on every blog I write anyway, so I'm giving him the freedom to post for real. Not sure when he'll do it or what he'll write about... but I know he specializes in fantasy sports and sadly, The Gauntlet.

Join me in welcoming "Bear" to The Bucky Channel!


Anonymous said...

hey hey!

Anonymous said...

FINALLY...the gauntlet reviews are BACK!

What the hell is gonna happen to Eric? Is it tricky editing to throw in shots of him "bleed" and hear audio of "SOMEONE GET AN AMBULANCE" these really go together or two seperate events?

I look forward to your blogs Bear.

Anonymous said...

haha no the best i think is when they show the shots of the up coming season and eric is on the ground someone yells MEDIC!!!!!!!! haha seriously is it world war II??? and Eric looks like a fish out of water struggling to breathe.

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