Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Democratic Race Goes to Clinton

9:38 - Well this is truly how you earn the nickname, "Comeback Kid". Down about 12% in the polls as of just yesterday, she has come back and is the projected winner of the night. Members of her own staff were saying she might be better suited trying to be the Senate Majority Leader, but she's right back where she was three weeks ago, as the front runner in this race. This might be the defining night of the race for the Democratic Party, and this race just got a whole lot more interesting.

9:19 - This is our country is his campaign song? And is that the guy from Desperate Housewives??? Edwards message is there are 48 states left to go. He's in this until the bitter end. And that is the guy for Desperate Housewives!

9:16 - Elizabeth Edwards is About to introduce John. I thought for a second this might be a concession speech. Looks like Edwards is going to stay in this thing for awhile. We'll see what happens after the speech.

8:44 - There is a lot being made about how Hillary broke down the other day, and how that is helping her with women. There is also debate about how New Hampshire voters are saying we don't want to call this race in January, that's why the vote is leaning Hillary. Very interesting race, right now it's Hillary 39%, Obama 36%. And this is not a live blog. I'm sitting by my computer, I'm watching TV, and this is the result! Stay tuned!

8:20 - As of this posting, Clinton has about 40%, Obama is at 36%. Hillary supporters have to be happy with these results as long as they continue. One analyst called this the most important night in the history of the Democratic Party. That might be over doing it a bit, but it is big.

Edwards is at 17%. Not sure how much longer he'll run. He might decide for a push in South Carolina, and last until Super Tuesday, but this race is definitely Hillary vs. Obama.


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