Saturday, January 26, 2008

Badgers Fall to Purdue

The Badgers fall short in their bid for their 11th straight win, as they lose at Purdue 60-56. Indiana fell to UConn, so they are still tied for second in the Big Ten. Losing close games you are expected to win is becoming a common theme for sports in Wisconsin.

Now ask yourself, why I have posted this update? Could it be a part of the new focus of "Winks Thinks", debuting tomorrow?


Anonymous said...

this is why i hate the big ten they suck number 7 lost to a unranked team at home. way to show you really have it big ten.

Anonymous said...

Who ever he hate me is..... take a look at every other conference man... it happens in all of them not just the big ten. This isnt Confrence USA where a team like memphis can roll over the entire conference cause its so weak. Perdue was in 4th place. Add that to the fact that the badgers perennially struggle at Perdue, and the fact that winning consistantly on the road in the big ten is impossible unless you are a top 5 team and it was gonna be a gut-it-out kind of game. That being said the Badgers were overrated at 11, they should probably be 15 or so, i noticed alot of other teams (5 i think) lost today too... so im not really sure how far they will slip.

ITs so cliche to rip on the big ten, I could present more evidence on how your comment makes you NCAA basketball ignorant but the fact that your name is he hate me which references an XFL guy that did nothing more than put that phrase on his back shows you are clearly a one trick pony in the clever department.
BTW it is 2008, and rod smart sucks.

Anonymous said...

i really gotta edit my posts before i post them... purdue... wow.

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