Thursday, January 31, 2008

Badgers Hold Off Indiana Comeback

After cruising to a 20 point second half lead, the Wisconsin Badgers were able to hold off an Indiana comeback and earn a 62-49 victory. It was an impressive win for the Badgers, and a much needed one at that. The Badgers will head on the road for the next five of their seven games, including one at Indiana. They'll probably spilt the season series, but it's a lot better winning the first one and going for a second, then losing at home and then fighting for a win on the road. Badgers did a good job of containing Eric Gordon (16 pts, most in the 2nd half), although D.J. White did put up 22.

Nevertheless, it was a convincing win for the Badgers, who have been on a roll (minus Purdue) since they upset Texas to crawl back into the Top 25. This Badger team is really surprising me, I expected them to be top four Big Ten, but not this good. Bo has them playing really good basketball, and they are also getting good play from the man you see in the top left of this posting, the worst McDonald's All-American selection ever!


He Hate Me said...

wow if u think that win was big you got problems. indiana sucks!!!! go bucky.

Bear said...

Geoff, first off, any win after a tough loss is a big win. Second Indiana doesn't suck but this game did show that a physical team with a big front court that can somewhat contain D.J. White is give Indiana alot of problems.

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