Thursday, January 3, 2008

On Strike: The New 2007-2008 Primetime Schedule Preview

Well, it appears the novelty of my blogging is wearing off. Hits are down, my posts are getting weaker, but yet I'll continue on. And yes, I'm hosting a pity party to try to get you to check out my blog more often. But for those of you that do read, I still haven't decided if this blog will have a more sports, or TV emphasis. For tonight though, we'll get a TV blog, as I go night by night to see what shows, if any, are worth watching now that the effects of the writers strike are sure to be seen.

A complete schedule of the 2008 winter / spring season can be seen here.


Mondays have been pretty strong in the past, and lose their luster because of the strike. Haven't been watching much of the CBS comedies, but I would like to see the Jeffrey Tambor led Weclome to the Captain. ABC's Samantha Who? is worth your time, but I'm not interested in their offering of Dance Wars. I'm not a Terminator guy either, but the Sarah Connor Chronicles is getting a lot of buzz on Fox. If I watch anything this night, it may be NBC's American Gladiators.


Somehow According to Jim has made it back on the airwaves. Really nothing here I'll be watching, but I may fall into the reality trap on this night. Expect Fox's American Idol to have some of it's biggest numbers ever, and I'm usually a sucker for Big Brother, which will be showing it's 9th edition, and first winter offering on CBS. Usually I allow myself to have one guilty reality pleasure at a time, but not sure how I'll respond with both of my guilty pleasures on the same night.


It'll be a common theme for the remainder of the season, picking between reality offerings and reruns. American Idol is on this night as well, but Fox's The Moment of Truth, a show where contestants are hooked up to a lie detector, should be interesting for at least one viewing.


The crown jewel of the 2008 season is the return of Lost. Eight episodes are in the can, and starting at the end of January we'll be able to see them (and right here at Winks Thinks, you'll be able to read my Lost review blogs!). The remaining new episodes of 30 Rock and Scrubs should hold me over, but the celebrity version of the Apprentice does nothing for me. Lipstick Jungle takes over for ER on NBC, and if people really crave new programming, it could garner an audience.


Fox is getting buzz with The Return of Jezebel James, and even Canterbury's Law, but unless you like game shows and reruns, you're better off going to a movie on this night.


Networks don't even know what they are for sure programming on this night, so there is nothing to review. That's ok with me, since I'm half-assing this one anyways.


Networks seem to be pretty content with reruns on this night, although NBC is offering up Monk and Pysch, which will be not only reruns, but reruns from their sister network, USA. CBS is also going to use a similar strategy, showing episodes of Showtime's Dexter at some point in the season.

Overall, there isn't much to watch over the next couple of months. Take the hour to watch Lost, sample a show you haven't had the chance to see but really want to (for me, How I Met Your Mother), but mainly spend the winter and spring to spend some time with your kids, and remember what life was like before you were confined to the boob tube. Don't fall into the reality trap (two shows max please). Support the writers. The lower the ratings, the quicker the executives will realize they need the writers.

Happy striking!


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