Monday, January 28, 2008

Badger Men Fall to #13

Looks like the pollsters didn't mind that the Badgers lost to Purdue too much, since we always lose there anyway. The Badgers fell to just 13th in both the AP and ESPN / USA Today Coaches Poll. Their next game is against #11 Indiana, this Thursday night on ESPN. Memphis remains #1 in both polls.


Anonymous said...

i believe that you need to check your grammar:

"since we always lose their anywhere"

Winks said...

Thanks anonymous, that's what happens when you try to sneak away at work to update your site. That's all for now... the boss is coming.

Anonymous said...

do you ever work?

Anonymous said...

Like I said earlier, this wasn't that much of a surprise with the bevvy of teams that lost this week I figured the fall would be a short distance.

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