Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Bucky Channel Conversation...Gord Ash

I had the chance to talk with Gord Ash today. He's the Assistant General Manager of the Milwaukee Brewers. He didn't have much new to say regarding the moves that the Brewers may be looking at making before Spring Training. Some of the things he did say:

* Confirmed the Brewers have been in talks with OF Mike Cameron and a few other free agents.
* Said the team has a more stable roster than any he's ever been a part of.
* Said while the guys they have (Gwynn, Gross) could start, they'd like to have another veteran in the outfield.
* When I asked about the rumors surrounding Bill Hall being traded, he answered by saying it's no surprise there are rumors about a guy with his skill set.
* He also said that Ryan Braun would prefer a move to the outfield.

There are rumors about outfielders, and they may sign one, but from what I gathered they would rather sign a third basement, move Braun to left, and keep Hall in center.

Update: Actually, more names have surfaced. Shawn Green, Pedro Feliz, and Brad Wilkerson. Yikes.


Anonymous said...

there isnt too many quality free agents at 3rd base, but while looking at espn free agents possible veterans to fill a position and add depth would be corey patterson or maybe sean casey sean would have to move to third and corey is center so bill might have to move, but they could possibly help out for a playoff run.

Winks said...

B you're the man.

Anonymous said...

I really think that they are going to end up moving hall back to third, especially if cameron signs. Corey Patterson is exactly what the brewers don't want because is OBP is pathetic. Now im a huge fan of patterson, just not with the crew, and Casey has not played third since, who knows which would defeat the purpose of getting a defensive guy there.

If we make any moves trade wise, which would most likely involve Capuano or parra and some prospect for Blalock, or Teahen in the short term at third. Or Andre Ethier LF and once S.T. starts and get a look at Eric Chavez to make sure he is healthy, he is a possiblity as well.

Anonymous said...

BTW, did you totally rip off your "updated comment" from someone on the Brewers Message board????
If you didn't, incredible, cuase some dude named knuckles3, said basically the same exact thing, and then said yikes after those players.

Winks said...

The updated comment I got was from I was going to link to them, but I couldn't link just the article. They are a great site that you can find on the right of the front page.

The yikes comment was purely my own Bear, a favorite of mine since the Will Ferrell SNL doctor sketch.

Don't ever accuse me of plagarizing again.

Yep, these are my readers.

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