Sunday, January 20, 2008

Four Hours to Kickoff!

Well, the ten year wait is now down to just four hours. I'm gonna settle in and watch the Patriots / Chargers and then finally the Giants / Packers game will get underway. It's been a nerveracking week. Lot of high fives going on. Lot of talk about what we'll do if the Pack make the Super Bowl, lot of talk about what we'd do if they lost. I thought about doing a live blog, briefly, before I realized that the majority of my "readers" will be watching the game with me in my living room. If you are in the mood for a live blog, usually does good work.

You've probably noticed things slow down at Winks Thinks during the weekends. We'll (I'll) make up for that with some quality posts this week, and stay tuned for what might be the dorkiest thing I'll ever do on this site. A playoff bracket to determine the best Super Bowl team of all time! I'll share it with you, but it might be one of those things I'm better off doing alone and then not telling anyone else about. I might try to post a video blog during the week as well, we'll see.

Enjoy the games today.


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