Monday, January 28, 2008

Not Every Brewer Game on FSN This Year!

I thought this was exciting news. Usually About 153 of the 162 Brewer games during the season are on FSN Wisconsin, 8 are untelevised, and then 1 is on ESPN because I think it's in their contract to show at least one game from every team. But the big news out of Brewers camp today is that four, yes four games, will be on FOX this year! FOX! Home of the World Series! FOX FOX FOX!

Here they are:

May 10 - vs. St. Louis Cardinals 2:45pm
May 17 - at Boston Red Sox 2:55pm
Aug 2 - at Atlanta Braves 2:55pm
Sept 13 - at Philadelphia Phillies 2:55pm

All games are Saturday, of course.

God, the Brewers can't get here soon enough.


Unknown said...

Winks we gotta get some tickets for Miller Park South this summer. Also, how is there not a post about American Gladiators tonight. I love the show despite the corny lines from the Contestants and Ali's manly voice. This is hilarious, a chick couldn't scale the wall to start the eliminator. Gotta go, men are up for the eliminator....the wrestler teacher is fast as shit, I bet he gets record time.

Unknown said...

1:38 time for the teacher. New Record. God I love this show.

Anonymous said...

coyne, admit it you love this show cause you think you could become a gladiator. But definately lets head to that shit hole to the south and see the Crew whoop up on the Cubs.

Anonymous said...

Also if the crew can keep winning they may get even more games on national TV late in the year on their way to a run for a playoff spot this year.

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