Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Packer Links

Not much new here at Winks Thinks today. Made some changes to the blog, with a preview section on the top right of your screen. You also can email stories I put up to friends using by clicking (not clinking, thanks bro) on the envelope after a story.

I got picks coming tomorrow, although you won't be surprised who I am going to pick. How's that to get people excited? I'm in full out Packer mode right now, even though I'm having a hard time finding people that like the Packers at my work. That's what I get for moving to a city on the border of Minnesota I suppose. I will probably venture back to my native Fond du Lac for the game this weekend, it's where I watched the other three NFC Championships the Pack were in, so why not. That, and I love spending money on gas.

So if you're not a Packer fan, I'd come back tomorrow. In the meantime, here are some links to help get you jacked up for Sunday's game.

* Here's a good one to get us started. Favre's first completion.

* Too much was made of the Jessica Simpson / Tony Romo vacation. But this video has a got picture of a drunk Eli Manning, so we'll allow it.

* Speaking of Eli, WLUK Fox 11 in Green Bay is pulling their broadcast of Seinfeld on Saturday night, because it's Eli's favorite show. Not a bad way to get some promotion for your station.

* 1961 NFL Championship Game: Packers 37, Giants 0

* Is there a better year to decide to quit your job in Syndey, Australia and move to Green Bay to follow the Pack? Meet the "Once in a Lifetime Fan".

* A message board on the Giants website has a thread about Packers and their celebrity look-alikes. Including A.J. Hawk as Ellen.

* And the Packer fans responded in kind.

* Don't vote Rudy Guiliani for President, simply because of this.

* Only the Fond du Lac Reporter would make this connection.

* I often thank my dad for raising me a Packer fan, I don't think this kid will be doing the same.

* I think the Brett Favre to Charlie Fyre comparisons have stopped after this year.

* My favorite part about our Super Bowl year were all the new Packer songs. Here's the latest.

That's all for now. Four days away!


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