Monday, January 28, 2008

Mrs. Kelley, We Found Your Son!

I've been worried for ages about what happened to our good friend Mike Kelley. Turns out, he's alive and well. In fact, he's working for ESPN these days, and you can catch him this Saturday on the Deuce. He'll be calling the Rider at Siena game with Bob Wischusen (who? who? and who?).

Actually, I'm not even sure Mike Kelley deserves his own blog post, he doesn't even have his own Wikipedia page! But you know who does!!!! The New Zealand Breakers' Kirk Penney!


Chris said...

Now that you are super internet savvy, you could create a Mike Kelley wiki

Anonymous said...

Mike Kelley and Kirk Penney in the same blog post?! I think this may be my favorite blog on the internet...

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