Monday, January 28, 2008

32 Wins Could Get the Bucks in the Playoffs

The Bucks are 18-27, 9 games under .500. Yet, they are only one game out of the playoffs in the Eastern Conference. This means if they go .500 the rest of the way, and get a little help, they could get into the playoffs at 32-51. And what I just said is realistic. Now, the Bucks could either just tank the season and play for yet another lottery pick. OR, they could take a shot at this thing, face Boston or Detroit in the playoffs, and hope for a miracle. I say they go for it. So we might get stomped in the playoffs as an 8 seed. Or we pull it together, get hot, and pull a Golden State Warriors.

If we're going to do the latter, we're going to need to pull off a trade. We need a big man. Our D is lacking. There was rumor of a Zach Randolph trade for Simmons and Charlie V, which I'm for, even though Randolph is as much a defensive liability as the rest of the squad. And he's not a good enough citizen for Herb Kohl's liking. So there are two problems here.

1) The Bucks need a big man.
2) The Bucks aren't marketable enough as a team.

I think this solves both problems.


Anonymous said...

randolph and balkman for chalie v, bobby, and gadzuric is what it was. they take our biggest attitude and our two most crippling long term dead weight contracts, and we get an equal attitude who is a much better player than any of those three and can help get us into the playoffs. we should have done it.

Anonymous said...

haha god they should have a realistic clause built into the trade machine. The only one who uses that thing the way it should be is Bill Simmons, and probably Hollinger.

My opinion on what the bucks need to do is not only get a big man but a physical big man. Now this year Bogut has finally stepped into the kind of role we drafted him for. He getting very agressive and rebounding nicely. However here inlies the problem, while bogut does post up fairly well, he is much more valuable in the high post where he can utilize his passing skills and move to the basket. He seems much quicker this year than the past few. Getting a big man who is willing to be physical and yet not be a scoring need would be a great addition, moving Bogut to a more PF position and allowing Yi to play more SF. An ideal canditate would be Tyson Chandler or Camby, but that isnt going to happen. A good candidate I think would Brendan Haywood. Hes big, takes up space can score if needed, and plays good defense. And the Wizards are looking to get Andray Blatche more PT. Even a guy like Andris Biedrins would be a good match. Especially if Webber goes to the Warriors, Biedrins could become available. Mickeal Pietrus could be packaged in as well.

Either way getting rid of Charlie V and Bobby Simmons in either one of these possible deals could allow us to go big at times with a big guy, bogut and yi in the front court or smaller and more athletic going with mo, redd and bell or pietrus.

Im so glad we are in the East, its gonna be a fight and I have to think at some point the Bucks will go on a run. I havent given up on these guys yet. But Kohl and Harris have to stop dragging their feet, something has to get done now.

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