Wednesday, January 2, 2008

UPDATE: Return to Late-Night

Watched the monologues for Jay and Dave, I gotta say I was impressed. Leno was sincere yet funny with his writer's strike comments (already can't believe I called Leno funny). Dave though got laughs out of me more than normal (and I love Dave).

Best Moments, Leno:
* Leno talking about how that he can't shut down because even though 19 employees are on strike, another 130 or so still need the work. The bit after that was weak, but a good point was made.

* Leno talking about how Dave and CBS do have their writers back. He almost sounded bitter about it, he then showed NBC President Jeff Zucker's "house", which was a mansion.

Best Moments, Letterman:
*He came out in a beard!

*"I found out that show or no show, I love drinking the morning".

*His producer Biff came out during the show made a joke about how it still seemed Letterman was doing his show without writers.

Also, here's Dave's top ten list.

Another update: Watching Conan right now, this is more what I expected. Conan is doing his best to fill-time, a little "Ellen-like" dance just happened. He gave a nice little speech, made a joke, but also came out in a beard. It's funny, but he got beat out by Letterman only due to timing. We'll see how well Conan can tap into his writing roots. Conan did just take a drink of water, and said "that's good water, killed some time." It was funny, but won't be funny in a week. Overall, the novelty of the strike episodes will wear off, and people will turn to CBS.


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