Tuesday, January 8, 2008

McCain takes New Hampshire (projected)

Just a couple of thoughts on this:

*McCain's victory is being credited to help from independents, and not registered Republicans. They say he's still off base with Republicans, but the numbers tell the story here I think. Well, for now at least.

*This race is wide open, we could have four or five different winners in four or five different states before Super Tuesday.

*Romney needs Michigan next week to stay in this race. Watching his speech now, seems very humbled.

*Huckabee is looking at this as a victory, and he should. He put little into New Hampshire, but got plenty of votes riding the wave of his Iowa win.

*Ron Paul might beat Guiliani, that might be the biggest story of the night. He's gaining momentum for a strong Libertarian bid perhaps. That would hurt the Democratic party though I feel.


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