Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Super Bowl Super Bowl

Well, I went ahead and finished up with the beloved "Super Bowl Super Bowl". Sorry for killing the suspense. (Let me just admit that whenever the Packers won, I did a genuine fist pump)

Here are the Elite Eight:

1966 Green Bay Packers (2 seed)
1969 Kansas City Chiefs (5 seed)
1973 Miami Dolphins (4 seed)
1991 Washington Redskins (6 seed)
1991 Buffalo Bills (16 seed)
1996 Green Bay Packers (6 seed)
1999 St. Louis Rams (8 seed)
2000 Baltimore Ravens (2 seed)

Interesting top 8... no 1 seeds, 49ers, Cowboys, Steelers, or Patriots. But two Packer teams!

You'll have to check out the bracket to see who won, but let's just say the results were once again heartbreaking.


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