Thursday, January 31, 2008

Oh, Kansas!

We here at The Bucky Channel aren't just fond to teams within the Wisconsin state lines. Although the teams that reside in the Badger State will always be number one in our hearts, there are a few teams outside the borders that we have come to appreciate. One of those teams is the Kansas Jayhawks, who lost tonight to rival Kansas State 84-75. It's a tough loss, but we're still going to go ahead with our plans to pick Kansas to win it all once the brackets are revealed in March, even though we don't gamble (but if we did, we'd be very upset at the Portland Trail Blazers tonight. Twenty dollars upset.)

You'll see our top ten non-Wisconsin favorites in an upcoming column, but we wanted to address, even though some readers are asking for it, you won't be seeing any reviews of the Real World / Road Rules Challenge. We haven't watched anything Real World oriented since Stephen slapped Irene on her way into the taxi during the Seattle season (come on, you remember.) Our deepest apologies. Anyway, a few more blogs in the works for tomorrow, keep it here, and tell your friends!


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Anonymous said...

No Gaunlet 3 reviews?!?!

Come on, this is the bucky CHANNEL...TV reviews at it's best. I expect great things from you Bart Winkler.

Anonymous said...

Unacceptable.... The Gauntlet three pits D-bags, bitches, and headcases against each other. Its like survivor on steriods.

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