Friday, January 25, 2008

No Lie: This Show Sucks

I learned a new lesson, something I probably should have learned a long time ago when it comes to watching TV. Just like you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, please don't judge a show by it's preview. I say this because I thought this show looked, not awesome, but entertaining enough. People strapped up to a lie detector forced to answer tough questions in front of their family and friends! Why would I miss something like that?

Well, apparently they take the test before hand, and then have to answer the questions later. To win just $10,000, you have to answer six of these questions, and to win the grand prize, $500,000 I believe, you have to answer 36 in-depth questions. You think that would be exciting, but it's not.

I sat through the first contestant on the Wednesday premiere, which was Tinker "Ty" Keck. I'd make fun of his name, but my first name is Bart. And apparently he is a former pro football player. Is it just me, or have a lot of game shows lately had "former pro football players" on as contestants. I put this in quotes, because apparently getting cut by the Giants in camp and playing for the Los Angeles Xtreme of the XFL is enough to qualify as a pro football player. If anything, former pro football player Rodney Peete was rooting for him. How do I know this? Because he was on the show!

In the end, Tinkerbell ended up telling his wife that there "is something he has done that would cause her to lose trust in him", and that he "doesnt want to have kids because he's not sure they'll be together long" and ended up walking away with zero dollars. Well, hope it was worth it.

If you want to check it out, feel free. Most of the American Idol audience last week did, and it was one of the top rated programs of the week. But the show is dreadful, not even Mark L. Walberg can save it. But of all the things FOX has tried over the years, this one is probably the most painful one to watch.

Trust me.

"Whatever happened to Temptation Island?" - Walberg


Anonymous said...

ok, first of all, ty keck played for the bengals where he was a kick returner... it even says that in the link you posted.. come on winks.

secondly, this show does suck, i watched the whole thing. Basically every person on this show who is willing to win 500,000 dollars is gonna end up divorced, or dumped, will lose all friends and be disowned by his/her family.

"did you ever look at someone else's privates while in the shower after a game or practice"

WHOA FOX-SHOCK factor. stupid. stupid. stupid.
First guy is good looking athlete so lets ask him about chasing women.

The second guy, half his questions were about his gambling problem. Seriously then put him on a game show where he gambles money?

Is there a survey before the show that asks you what is a personal problem or a past black mark.
if i was on the show would they talk about me being an alcoholic?
Do you feel better about yourself when you drink?

God, big time rant, but this show just sucks.

Anonymous said...

ok im retarded, it said cincinnati bearcats, not bengals.... my bad.

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