Monday, January 21, 2008

Who's the Best Super Bowl Team... Ever?

With help from, and, we're going to set up a 64-team tournament to decide which Super Bowl team is the best of all time. What I've done is ranked the 41 winning teams by their point differential in their Super Bowl game. The top ranked team is the 1989 San Francisco 49ers, with a point differential of +45. I then, to get to 64 teams, included the 23 losers with the lowest point differential. The last seed is the 1969 Vikings, with a point differential of -16.

The tournament will be updated daily, starting today until the Super Bowl, and on the day of Super Bowl XLII we'll crown the best Super Bowl team of all time (the participants of Super Bowl XLII are not eligible). You might think this is the geekiest thing I've ever done, but believe me, it's far from it. FAR from it.

The bracket can be viewed here - The Super Bowl Super Bowl

And the schedule for the tournament is this:

Jan 21- Jan 24 Round of 64
Jan 25- Jan 28 Round of 32
Jan 29-Jan 30 Sweet Sixteen
Jan 31-Feb 1 Elite Eight
Feb 2 - Final Four
Feb 3 - Super Bowl Champion

Good luck to all the teams (I guess).


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