Friday, February 1, 2008

Pau Gasol Apparently Better Than Charlie Villanueva

The Lakers have been shopping Kwame Brown and Javaris Crittenton as a package deal for a couple days now, and they got pretty good value by getting Pau Gasol. He should fill in nicely with Andrew Bynum out for a few more weeks yet, and then once he gets back the Lakers will definitely be one of the top teams in the West. The reason I post this is because one of the rumored deals was that those two former Lakers may get dealt for the Bucks very own Chuck Villanueva. I would have been more than happy to welcome those two, if for no other reason than the Bucks are miserable right now and they need to blow up the team. (Save Yi and Bogut, ship Redd out. Actually I should save that for a column this week. We'll see)


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