Thursday, February 28, 2008

Farewell, Corey Williams

Corey Williams is off to the Dawg Pound, according to the Washington Post. It will effectively be an NFL version of a sign and trade. Williams will likely been signed to a long-term deal, then be shipped to Cleveland for a second round pick. This gives the Browns no Saturday picks for the 2008 NFL Draft.

I was high on Ted Thompson for putting the franchise tag on Williams last week, and I'm not going to complain about this move either. The defensive line is a strength for Green Bay, and all they are essentially doing is trading away one of their rotating lineman (albeit a very good one) for a high draft pick. Last year the second round brought us Brandon Jackson and James Jones, who knows what it will bring us this year!

The move will likely take place sometime after midnight, when the NFL Free Agency period officially begins.

Update, Friday 10:17 am: John Clayton of says, "The Packers traded franchise defensive tackle Corey Williams to the Browns for a second-round choice. Williams is expected to sign a six-year, $38 million contract. "


Unknown said...

Teddy T. Making some moves. I love it. Who knows maybe Justin Harrel will come around this season.

Anonymous said...

packer chatters picked up this article

kruzincal13 said...

........Um....James Jones was drafted in the 3rd round, not the 2nd.

Winks said...

Um.... well... what I meant was...yeah you're right, I messed up.

Anonymous said...

im expecting a farewell carlyle holiday post. and where was the welcome joe toledo post?

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